SMART Passes are the most convenient and affordable way to connect to wherever you want to go.  Whichever pass you choose, you’ll be connecting to destinations throughout metro Detroit in no time!

Unlimited Ride Passes

The 31 Day Pass
This easy-to-use pass is good for 31 days from the first time you insert it into a farebox. You’ll know when that 31 days is up because the farebox will print the expiration date on the back of the pass.

The Regional Pass
Passengers riding a combination of SMART and DDOT buses can purchase a Regional Pass that is valid for the current month displayed on the pass. Regional Pass users who ride SMART must pay an additional 50 cents each ride.

Ride with us over 40 times a month? 
SMART frequent riders who use both SMART and DDOT more than 40 times a month will save money by purchasing our Regional Pass/Regional PLUS Pass Combo.*
*The Regional PLUS Pass can only be purchased with a Regional Pass at the time of purchase.

Debit Passes

The Value Pass
Buy an $11 pass for just $10 or double your savings with a $22 pass for just $20. Each time you use your Value Pass, your remaining balance will be printed on the back.