Have you spread the word about riding SMART? Next time you’re making small talk with your neighbor, let them know you use public transportation to get to work. You might be letting him or her in on a very helpful tip. Public transportation is a great way for people to save money, help out the earth and gain some extra personal time. If they're first time riders, offer to show them the ropes so they can see for themselves how easy it is to ride.

If your neighbors are elderly, you might want to mention SMART Connector service. They’re small buses that offer curb-to-curb service for seniors and people with disabilities. Rides must be scheduled in advance for medical or personal trips.

SMART also works with local communities to offer shuttle service within their local community.  To see what services are available in your community, look for your city on the Services by Community page or have them call  their city office for more information.

Good neighbors are priceless, especially when they look out for each other. Happy riding!