​November 3, 2011 (Waterford, MI) - SMART and the city of Waterford celebrated the addition of a new bus to the existing fleet at the Waterford Senior Center’s Health and Housing Fair. The latest SMART bus will be used to transport senior citizens to their choice of destinations, allowing them a continued independence and quality of life. The bus dedication was attended by Mary Donnelly, customer service and transportation supervisor of the Waterford Senior Center.

SMART is the only regional transit provider in Southeast Michigan helping people connect to work, school, medical facilities and entertainment destinations.  Along with providing public transit in the region, SMART is the fiduciary agent for the State of Michigan for administering transportation programs for all local communities in southeast Michigan.  As such, SMART is instrumental for the administration and compliance for all participants in the region.  Funding for these programs is received through the Specialized Services and Municipal Credits program.  

“SMART is proud to support Waterford’s local transit services,” said John C Hertel, General Manager of SMART, “Through our partnership, SMART continues to serve Southeast Michigan residents’ transit needs while bringing federal dollars back to the county.”

The city of Waterford now has four SMART vehicles transporting senior residents to their destinations, including weekly shopping trips, medical appointments, physical therapy and other local events. 8,750 rides were given just in the past year, allowing seniors and disabled citizens the freedom of independence. The latest bus is a 2011 model, seating up to fourteen passengers, and allows for two wheelchairs with a convenient handicap lift.

SMART offers a family of transit services, including fixed route and small bus services as well as support for local transportation programs.  Through the Specialized Services and Municipal Credit programs, SMART has distributed over $1.5 million annually throughout Oakland County. 

SMART is southeast Michigan’s only regional transit system, serving Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties. Recognized nationally as an innovator in community based service for its unique partnerships with 75 communities, SMART provides 40,000 rides daily and serves one million seniors and people with disabilities annually. For more information, go to www.smartbus.org or call Customer Information at 866-962-5515.

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