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Fare Changes Effective May 1

Tuesday, March 12, 2019/Categories: Uncategorized, Featured Homepage News

Starting May 1, SMART and DDOT will be introducing some new fare changes. These changes* will include reduced youth fare and the elimination of transfers. These new fare changes make it easier to ride by:

Elimination of Transfers

       • Transfer easily from SMART to DDOT

o   4 & 24 Hour and 7 & 31 Day Regional Passes allow riders to freely transfer between SMART and DDOT

Youth fare reduced to 50 cents.

SMART Passes and Tickets:

      • Valid on SMART only

      • DDOT will no longer accept SMART tickets

 Rolling Bus Passes

         •All passes start on first use, not a specific date.

Visit our website or call Customer Service for additional details.

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