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Service Bulletins

REVISED Route 760 Route Change 3/23/20 3/23/2020 - Until further notice

In response to customer feedback, effective Monday, March 23, 2020, all trips on the 760 13/14 Mile will permanently shift from using Hoover Rd between 13 Mile Rd and 14 Mile Rd to using Van Dyke.  The official routing will be as follows:

Westbound: regular route to 13 Mile and Hoover, continue straight 13 Mile past Hoover, left Old 13 Mile, right Van Dyke, left 14 Mile, regular route.

Eastbound: regular route to 14 Mile and Van Dyke, right Van Dyke, left Old 13 Mile, right 13 Mile, regular route.

Please note that due to reductions in manpower we are experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 virus, signage may not be removed along 14 Mile between Van Dyke and Hoover or along Hoover between 14 Mile and 13 Mile until further notice.  The same is true for the installation of new signage along Old 13 Mile/13 Mile.  If you need to be be picked up along this section, please stand in a safe location and flag the driver.  If you need to be dropped off in this section, please speak to your driver in advance and they will use their best judgment to find a safe location to drop you off as close to your destination as possible.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these trying times.

Please call Customer Service at (866)962-5515 for questions.