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Service Bulletins

Route 160 Routing Change 4/12/2021 - 5/5/2021

Beginning Monday, April 12, 2021, weekday and Saturday Route 160 Downriver routing will be changed.  Buses will now serve the Dearborn Transit and the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge and will operate as follows:

Northbound(From West/Grange):  East on West to Jefferson, right Jefferson, left into the DRIWR.  From the DRIWR right Jefferson, left King, right Fort to regular current routing through Southgate Meijer to right Trenton, left Eureka to Taylor Meijer, exit to Pardee to Southland Mall, exit to right Pardee, right Northline to left into WCCC, circle out to left Norhline, left Dix-Toledo into Dix Hwy, right Southfield, left 1st turnback to northbound Southfield Fwy, exit WB Michigan left 1st turnback past Evergreen to EB Michigan, right into DTC (end of route).

Southbound:  From DTC. Right Michigan, right exit to SB Southfield Fwy into Southfield Rd, right Dix Hwy into Dix-Toledo, right Northline, right into WCCC, circle out to right Northline, left Pardee, left into Southland Center, continue out to left Pardee, right Eureka, right into Meijer south parking lot to Meijer bus stop, continue out to right Pardee, left Eureka, right Trenton, left Cambridge to Southgate Meijer, continue out to right Fort, left King, right Jefferson past West, left into DRIWR right Jefferson, left West to Grange (end of route).

160 buses will no longer serve Jefferson between King and Sibley, Sibley between Jefferson and Fort, Eureka between Trenton and Biddle, Biddle between Eureka and Ford Ave, Ford Ave between Biddle and Dix-Toledo, and Racho Road between Southland Center and Northline. 

Trip times have changed.  If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at (866) 962-5515.