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Service Bulletins

Route 420 SB Southfield Rd. Detour 10/5/2018 - Until further notice

Due to road construction at the intersection of 14 and Southfield Road, Route 420 Southfield will be on detour in the southbound direction only as follows:

Southbound:  Regular route on westbound 14 Mile to Greenfield, left Greenfield, right 13 Mile, left Southfield, regular route.

Northbound:  Regular route.

Please note that all stops going west on 14 between Greenfield and Southfield and going south on Southfield between 14 Mile and 13 Mile will be closed for the duration of this detour.

Passengers may flag the 420 at any SMART stop along the detour on southbound Greenfield or westbound 13 Mile to be picked up, if the driver is not flagged they will assume that the passenger is waiting on the 415 or 760 and continue driving.

If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at (866) 962-5515.