Serving since 1967, SMART is Southeast Michigan’s only regional public transportation provider, offering convenient, reliable and safe transportation for Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties. SMART’s Fixed-Route and small bus services connect people to employment and educational institutions. SMART is supported by federal and state funding, local contributions through a transit property tax millage from opt-in communities and bus fares.


  • SMART bus routes provide access to more than 59,000 businesses and 850,000 jobs.
  • Approximately 2.1 million people live within a ¼ mile radius of a SMART bus route.
  • Nearly 12 million seniors, students and professionals use SMART to travel to work, school, doctor’s offices and shopping centers annually.
  • All SMART buses are equipped with bike racks.
  • The SMART bus system offers a variety of Fixed-Route and curb-to-curb service options and programs with 43 bus routes and 5,325 bus stops.


  • New SMART drivers receive nearly 250 hours of training including 200 hours of on-the-road training.
  • On average, SMART bus drivers drive 21,000 miles accident free.
  • SMART buses receive preventative maintenance every 3,000 miles.
  • All SMART buses are equipped with two-way radios, turn-by-turn GPS and auto vehicle locator systems.


  • SMART Fixed Route bus riders utilize the service for daily activities, with 70% using SMART to get to work and 20% using it to reach educational institutions.
  • SMART buses are on time 86% of the time.
  • Nearly 56% of new Fixed-Route riders prefer using SMART over their own vehicle or other means of transportation.


  • One SMART bus potentially eliminates 60 cars on the road.
  • SMART continues to add hybrid electric buses to its fleet, reducing carbon emissions.
  • Public transportation produces 95% less volatile carbon monoxide and about 50% as much carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide per passenger per mile.
  • SMART recycles 600 tires, 600 gallons of anti-freeze and 28,890 gallons of oil annually.
  • All SMART buses are biodiesel powered.


  • A 31 Day Pass costs less than two fill-ups at the pump.
  • Through its Specialized Services, Municipal and Community Credits programs, SMART redistributes approximately $6.5 million annually to 75 community-based transit programs.
  • SMART offers transit programs and tax incentives for businesses and their employees.


  • SMART is governed by a board of directors comprised of representatives from Macomb, Monroe, Oakland and Wayne Counties, which selects the general manager to handle daily operations.

Executive Management
John C. Hertel - General Manager

Jim Fetzer - Deputy General Manger of Operations

John Swatosh - Deputy General Manager of Administration  

SMART provides employment for more than 800 people in Southeast Michigan. These employees are represented by the following unions:

ATU Local 1564

  • Fixed Route Bus Operators
  • Customer Information Operators
  • Certain Office & Clerical personnel

AFSCME Local 1786

  • Dispatchers
  • Road Supervisors
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Community Transit Dispatch Inspectors
  • Vault Pullers


  • Community Transit Vehicle Operators
  • Customer Service Operators & Clerks

UAW Local 771

  • Maintenance

Average weekday (Fixed Route and Connector)                               36,000

Average length of ride on Connector                                             6 Miles

Average length of ride on Fixed Route service                                 7 Miles


Vehicle Type                                   Vehicles
Fixed Route                                  234
SMART Connector Paratransit          111
Community Transit Providers*          182
Purchase of Service*                      64 
TOTAL                                                  591

*Vehicles owned by SMART but operated by a local community