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File a Civil Rights Complaint

There are three options to file a complaint:

  • Call the complaint hotline at (313) 223-2198
  • Fill out the online complaint form
  • Mail complaint paper complaint form to:

    SMART Office of the General Counsel
    535 Griswold Street, Suite 600
    Detroit, MI 48226

SMART Civil Rights Complaint Procedure

After a complaint is submitted (within 60 calendar days of occurrence), the SMART General Counsel will record and proceed to investigate the discrimination complaint. 

The Investigator may interview any individual(s) named as witnesses and any other individual(s) who may have information pertaining to the complaint lodged. Documents relevant to the complaint may be reviewed. Failure of the complainant to respond to requests from the investigator may result in a dismissal of the complaint. 

The SMART Office of the General Counsel strives to promptly resolve any complaint; however, the process may differ depending on the complexity of the complaint and other factors. The complainant will receive a written notice which shall be approved by authorized representatives of the SMART Office of the General Counsel. 

If the complainant disagrees with the response or decision, a written notice can be sent directly to the U.S. Department of Transportation: 

U.S. Department of Transportation
Attention: Office of Civil Rights
1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20590