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Realtime Arrival Information

The age-old question of “Where's my bus?” can finally be answered! Bus Tracker is our new realtime arrival notification system that will provide you with the actual time the bus will arrive at your stop, not the scheduled time!  There are a few ways to look up the arrival of your next bus:

From your computer or mobile phone

  • Bus Tracker Map
  • Bus Tracker Time
  • Bus Tracker Text
    • Standard data rates may apply.


Here is important information you need for each.

Bus Tracker Map

From the Bus Tracker Map dropdown menu…

1. Select your route
2. Direction
3. Bus Stop location

Your route will appear on the map showing all the buses in service for the next thirty minutes. The blue dot is the stop you selected. 

Based on your bus stop location, buses that are currently running within the next thirty minutes will display along with each bus number, stop ID and  the estimated time of arrival.

Click on "Show all buses for this stop" to see all routes using the stop.


The Bus Tracker Time  is a great option when you are on the go!  Select your route, direction and stop ID and a list of active buses arriving in the next thirty minutes will appear with:

  1. Stop ID number
  2. Bus number
  3. Expected Arrival
  4. If this is the
    last bus for more
    then 50 minutes

Bookmark this page on your phone for quick and easy access to your bus arrival information!