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How to Use Wheelchair/Scooter Ramp

Every Fixed Route bus in the fleet is equipped with a wheelchair ramp. Using the ramp is easy. Once the bus stops, the driver will lower the bus a few inches. The driver will deploy the ramp, so be sure to allow up to five feet of clearance space.


If your disability prevents you from waiting at a designated bus stop, SMART will provide you with a red hailing mitt that you can display.

When the bus is approaching and the driver sees the mitt, he or she will stop the bus in an area that is safe for you to board. Please note that passengers must be able to independently board the bus.

Once you are onboard, position yourself in one of the two spaces allocated for wheelchairs/scooters while facing the front of the vehicle. The wheelchair securement policy requires the driver to secure your wheelchair/scooter into position with the Q’Straint™ Safety system.

When you reach your destination, just pull the cord and the driver will release the wheelchair/scooter from the Q’Straint™. You can exit the bus the same way you boarded.