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How to Ride the Bus

What is a Fixed Route?

SMART Fixed Route service consists of buses that travel along designated routes and stop at specific locations and times. Schedules for each route are available in either a printed format or online. All SMART Fixed Route buses are accessible with space for two wheelchairs and are equipped with bike racks. Fixed Route services operate on weekdays with selected routes operating on weekends and holidays.

The Fixed Route is the easiest, most affordable and economical bus service. Below is a guide to help you ride SMART.

Boarding the Bus

  • Be at the nearest bus stop at least 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive
  • If the approaching bus shows the route number and destination you want, signal the driver by waving your hand to indicate that you would like to board
  • Upon boarding, pay your fare or swipe your pass and let the driver know where you would like to deboard
  • If you are transferring to another SMART or DDOT bus, let the driver know so they can issue a transfer

Exiting the Bus

  • Two blocks prior to your bus stop, tell the bus driver or ring the bell. When the bus comes to a complete stop, when possible, exit the bus through the rear door.

Bus Etiquette

Tips & Facts

  • To keep the bus running on time, please have bus fare or pass ready before you board
  • Please occupy seats furthest away from front doors first so others may board quickly
  • Only occupy one seat and rest your bag or briefcase on your lap or under your seat
  • When possible, please exit at the rear doors to help eliminate congestion at the front of the bus while new riders are boarding
  • Buses can accommodate standing passengers. If standing, please maintain a firm grip on a railing or seat handle.

Thanks for Riding SMART!