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Services By Community

At SMART, we don’t just connect people to destinations throughout their community, we connect communities to each other. Nowhere is that more evident than in our Community Transit program. A true “grass roots” program, the SMART Community Partnership Program was established in 1995, and we’ve been bringing transit to communities throughout Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties ever since.

What is Community Transit?

Community Transit allows local communities or groups to partner with SMART to share the responsibility of operating local Community Transit Service. Under such arrangements, we share the responsibility of building and operating an efficient transportation program based on each community’s specific needs.

All services are listed that are available in your community including, Fixed Route, Connector, Americans with Disabilities(ADA), and Community Transit.

Destinations Served By SMART

This is a small sample of the many places you can get to on a SMART bus in Metro Detroit.

In addition to SMART Fixed Routes, SMART Connector buses and Community Transit buses are also available for travel throughout the area. Consult individual route schedule for exact times and days of service.

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