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How to Use the Wheelchair/Scooter Lift

While our Fixed Route Buses are equipped with wheelchair ramps, all of our Connector buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Using the wheelchair lift is easy. When your bus arrives, simply wait for the driver to exit the vehicle and activate the lift. Please leave plenty of room for the lift to deploy. Once it does, position yourself on the lift either by backing on to it, or boarding it in a forward direction. Please note that wheelchair passengers riding the Connector or Community Transit vans must be able to board independently. Please be advised of our current PCA policy.

Once you’re on the lift, make sure to lock down your wheelchair or scooter.

Once you’re on board, position yourself facing the front of the vehicle in one of the two spaces allocated for wheelchairs/scooters. When you’re settled, your driver will lock your wheelchair/scooter into position with the Q’Straint™ Safety system.

When you reach your destination, just pull the cord and the driver will release your wheelchair/scooter from the safety restraint. You can then maneuver your wheelchair/scooter back onto the lift, lock your wheels in place, and prepare to disembark. It’s easy!