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Employer Tools

SMART buses connect people to more than 850,000 jobs and over 70,000 businesses. We can help you ease your employees' commute with one of our successful SMART Employer Programs. Not only will you help employees save money, but you will attract job applicants and help to meet your environmental goals. Check out which of SMART's Employer Programs can help you!

Get A Job, Get A Ride!

The Get A Job, Get A Ride! Program helps new employees save on their transportation costs. Participants hired within the past 30 days who are permanent, full time employees, that meet the eligibility requirements, can receive a complimentary 31 Day Pass ($66.00 value) to ride SMART's Fixed Route service.

The first step to get started is for the employer to create a MySMART account. While logged into MySMART, you need to register the company into the Get A Job, Get a Ride program!

Already registered? Login here to Get A Job, Get a Ride!

Questions regarding the Get A Job, Get A Ride Program? Call Customer Service or email

Transit Benefit 

The Transit Benefit Program helps employers and employees save money by riding SMART. Click here for more information.

In accordance with IRS Code, Section 132 (f) – "Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefit" employees may designate up to $270.00 per month of pre-tax dollars towards their mass transit (Michigan, SMART) commute.

There are two ways to manage this program; either internally administered by the employer or paying a third-party vendor.  Businesses should determine the best way to manage their program.  SMART does not administer this program.  

Transportation Fair

Hosting a Transportation Fair is a great way for your employees to learn about SMART! SMART staff will work with you to make the arrangements to visit your place of business. Our knowledgeable staff will answer questions, help your employees get the personalized transit information they need for their commute on SMART. For more information on setting up your Transportation Fair, please call (313) 223-2349 or email us!