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Driver Appreciation Day!

Friday, March 9, 2018/Categories: Featured Homepage News

Public transit connects thousands of people to jobs, school and appointments every day, a service provided by our army of dedicated drivers. Everyday residents all over our region don’t have to worry about parking, road conditions, or the general stresses of driving, because our drivers handle it, and we want to thank them. Transit Driver Appreciation Day will be observed on March 16th this year and to thank the drivers for navigating particularly rough roads throughout the year, and especially this winter.   

Send your thoughts and thanks to your driver on Transit Driver Appreciation day, by picking up a Thank You card at one of the following locations:

Royal Oak Transit Center

Downtown Detroit Office

Online (options 1, 2, 3 or 4)

Thank you to the Detroit area Wendy’s for donating 500+ gift cards to make our driver’s day just a little more special. Public transit supports the local community and Detroit Area Wendy’s stepped up to support public transit by showing appreciation for the drivers.  To continue this circle of support for our community we’ve provided a link so you can find a nearby Wendy’s to visit, many via SMART routes.

Find a Detroit Area Wendy's near you!


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