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Wednesday, January 16, 2019/Categories: Uncategorized

This is SMART’s service information page on Facebook which is intended as a vehicle for SMART to provide service-related information and educate people about public transit and SMART as a transit alternative to its customers and interested members of the public.  Public comments and responses are generally welcome on the condition that they relate to current information posted by SMART.  All members of the public are welcome to respond to comments related to the service information posted by SMART.  SMART limits the type of information that is conveyed on the page to particular information about service-related topics.

Posts that are not related to current posts provided by SMART will be deleted.  Responses may also be edited for clarity purposes.

SMART will also remove any posts that violate the following guidelines:

1.            Posts that contain profane, obscene or pornographic language or content;

2.            Posts that promote, foster or perpetuate discrimination against any person or group of persons or disparages any person or group of persons;

3.            Posts containing sexual content or links to sexual content;

4.            Posts of a commercial nature or which solicit funds or business;

5.            Posts that encourage violence or illegal activity or links to violence or illegal activity;

6.            Posts that contain political or political campaign content, including content concerning civic issues;

7.            Posts that promote alcohol or tobacco use;

8.            Posts that contain false, misleading or deceptive content;

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