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How are transfers from Flexible Service or Dial-A-Ride to Regular Fixed Route honored? Is additional fare required?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019/Categories: General, Transfers

When transferring from the Groesbeck, Somerset/Oakland Mall shuttles or Dial-A-Ride to Fixed Route, passengers will have to pay the appropriate fare and will receive a paper transfer for 4-hours.  When boarding the fixed route bus for continued travel, provide the transfer to the driver and receive a farebox issued 4-hour pass. This will allow for unlimited rides on both SMART and DDOT, in any direction for the allotted time on the pass.  

All Dart and SMART 31 Day passes are accepted on shuttles or dial-a-ride.  However, Value Passes are not accepted. Any fare difference can be paid with a combination of passes, SMART Tickets or cash.  For instance, if using a Dart reduced fare pass, another 50 cents will be required to meet the $1.00 fare. 

When transferring from a Fixed Route bus to a shuttle or dial-a-ride bus, present your pass to the driver to complete your trip. Expired passed will not be accepted and will require you to pay another full fare.

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