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How are transfers honored between Park & Ride and the following? Is additional fare required?

Wednesday, April 17, 2019/Categories: General, Transfers

  • Transferring from Park & Ride routes to... 

    • Fixed Route and Flexible Service / Dial-A-Ride - no additional fare is required. 
    • Connector Full Fare - An additional $1.50 will be required. 
    • Connector - Senior/Disabled - No additional fare required. 
    • Connector - Youth - An additional $3.00 will be required. 

  • Transferring from other SMART services to Park & Ride routes an additional fare will be needed to bring the total fare paid up to the Park & Ride fare.
    • Connector Full Fare - no additional fare required.
    • Connector Senior/Disabled - An additional $1.50 will be required. 
    • Regular Fixed Route – An additional 50 cents required. Must be paid in cash.

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