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Stay Safe At Your SMART Stop

Saturday, March 10, 2018/Categories: Uncategorized, Featured Homepage News


We ensure our drivers are well-trained and our buses are maintained to keep you safe on the road, but are you staying safe while you wait? Earlier sunsets and snow can make it difficult for our bus drivers and other motorists to see you consider wearing a bright article of clothing and use your cell phone light to flag your bus.   Other tips to increase bus stop safety:


• Attach a light to your coat or backpack.
• Stand in a well-lit area while waiting for the bus.
• Board the bus mindfully by using handles when boarding and deboarding the bus to avoid
• Use SMART BusTracker to follow your bus and wait inside, if possible.
• If your stop is snowed in wait in a cleared off area near your stop and flag down your driver.
  Snow covered curbs and streets can be slippery.


Please remember the importance of dressing for the weather as your wait times may increase due to rough road conditions. While it takes a lot of snow to stop SMART service, it might slow us down as our drivers navigate snowy streets.  As always, SMART’s motto is “Safety First”.  Prepare for delays by checking your bus in real time on the SMART Tracker app.  You may want to catch an earlier bus if you must be somewhere at a specific time. 
If you find that your usual stop is inaccessible due to snow, please stand in the closest driveway or sidewalk to your stop that is cleared.  Your driver will be looking out for you, but we recommend hailing your approaching bus, especially where there are mounds of snow.  Please watch your step as you board, as streets can be slippery, and feel free to use the hand rails while boarding. 



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