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Will I have to transfer buses?

Saturday, October 17, 2020/Categories: ADA

The ADA ensures the trip is ‘curb-to-curb service equal’ to that provided by the SMART fixed route system. If a passenger using fixed route must transfer from one bus to another to complete a trip, SMART has the option to transfer the ADA passenger from one bus to another.  ADA certification does not guarantee a direct trip. 

If the comparable fixed route trip requires a SMART bus and a DDOT bus, then the ADA rider will be required to transfer with Detroit Metrolift.

In some cases the comparable fixed route trip can be completed using DDOT buses, in which case Detroit Metrolift would be responsible for the ADA trip. In these cases, the rider is required to make arrangements with Detroit MetroLift.

ADA schedulers will look at the most direct path of travel required for each trip when determining if a transfer is required. 

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