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Zoom to the Zoo today!

Zoom to the Zoo today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2022/Categories: SMART News, Public Notices, Highlights, Featured Homepage News

SMART and the Detroit Zoo are teaming up to get you and your family to some family fun that will make your trip quick, easy and affordable! 

Enjoy a ride on a SMART or FAST bus to the Detroit Zoo and receive:

  • $2 off admission
  • Free fountain drinks
  • Free carousel ride
  • Free return ride

It’s easy to do!

  • Book your Detroit Zoo reservation at or call (248) 541-5717. All guests visiting the Detroit Zoo who are not Detroit Zoological Society members are required to purchase tickets in advance.
  • Visit or call (866) 962-5515 to get route and schedule information
  • Tell your driver you want to Zoom to the Zoo for your ticket
  • Present your Zoom to the Zoo ticket upon Zoo admission
  • Receive all the benefits above!

What if I have a prepaid zoo ticket or membership pass?

Prepaid zoo tickets will get a free carousel ride! 

What if I have a SMART pass?

If you are a monthly pass holder, you will be issued a SMART courtesy ticket to be used anytime!

How to get there:

Direct Connections on SMART

SMART has a direct connection to the Detroit Zoo via:

Other SMART connections

The following SMART Crosstown routes provide options to transfer to FAST Woodward 461/462 for direct connections to the Detroit Zoo.

  • Route 710 - 9 Mile
  • Route 740 - 12 Mile Crosstown
  • Route 760 - 13 Mile/14 Mile Crosstown
  • Route 780 - 15 Mile Crosstown

You can also ride any FAST Route and transfer to the routes listed.

New to riding?

Excited to try out public transit for the first time, but now sure how to go about it? Not a problem.

SMART Fixed Route  

How to Ride the Bus 

Traveling with Strollers

If you’re traveling with a stroller, remember you are responsible for your own personal equipment. Strollers, even those occupied with children, shall not be stored in the wheelchair securement area. Drivers are prohibited from restraining anything other than wheelchairs, scooters, or adult strollers.

Please remember you are only able to bring as many bags and equipment as you are able to handle yourself and don’t block the aisle.


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