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How to sign up for these informational emails

When you create and log on to your MySMART account at, you will see this option:  


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It is important to select the exact routes you want to hear about. To do so, scroll to the bottom of the page after logging on to MySMART and Manage your Favorite Route:

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Construction Zone

Summer in Michigan means construction, and this summer, there is a lot going on! 

Even if you don’t see construction on your daily commute, please keep in mind that our routes are constantly running into detours and setbacks. If the bus is delayed before your stop, it can still slow you down. We try our hardest to work around these road projects, but safety is our number one priority - which means we may experience delays. 

Know before you go and stay updated by:
•Checking our service bulletins for any detours.
•Signing up for updates through your MySMART account.
•Preparing for delays by catching an earlier bus.


SMART'S New FAST Service Takes Off

SMART’s New FAST Service Takes Off!

It has been three months since SMART’s newest bus service, FAST… Frequent. Affordable. Safe. Transit., was introduced with results that far exceed expectations. Increases in ridership were hoped for along the FASTcorridors, Gratiot, Woodward and Michigan Avenues, however, SMART never anticipated the positive public response and significant ridership levels to elevate so quickly. 

At the end of the first quarter, these three key regional transit corridors have seen overall increases in ridership of: 20% on weekdays; 15% on Saturdays; and 27% on Sundays. This includes some increases as high as 65%. Riders are taking over 10,000 additional trips on these corridors every week.

“We are very pleased with the positive public response we have received and the number of people who are now riding FAST,” said John C. Hertel, General Manager at SMART, “It usually takes up to one year for new routes and service to establish itself. To have these type of ridership increases within the first three months of service is spectacular.”

FAST is a high frequency, limited-stop bus service connecting the suburbs to downtown Detroit, and for the first time, provides a direct connection to Metro Airport. Operating on Detroit’s busiest corridors: Gratiot, Woodward, and Michigan Avenues, the service provides coverage 7 days a week. 

In 2014, the SMART millage was successfully passed in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties with a 66 percent YES vote. At that time, SMART promised to replace the existing fleet of aging buses, most of which had 500,000 miles or more. Last October, SMART placed an order for the last 35 replacement buses, keeping its promise. Delivery of these buses is expected by December of this year. By replacing the fleet with new buses, maintenance costs were drastically reduced allowing SMART to expandservice and introduce FAST without increasing funding. The millage renewal for SMART funding will be in August 2018.

FAST buses are easily distinguished from SMART’s current fleet of buses. Wrapped in a vibrant array of red, blue and green colors with the FAST logo prominently displayed on the sides of the buses and equipped with free WiFionboard helping to pass the time quickly. 

Each new FAST route provides an improved level of service to key destinations on each corridor. 
FAST Michigan offers a direct connection from downtown Detroit to both terminals at Metro Airport. FASTWoodward serves Pontiac and Troy, as well as four hospitals, the Zoo and midtown and downtown. FASTGratiot connects people to 23 Mile, Mt. Clemens, Macomb Mall, Midtown, Eastern Market and downtown. 

While limited-stop service is not new to SMART or transit,higher frequency combined with limited-stops, located at about every mile, FAST service translates to a quicker commute. Riders are only able to board and deboard at the official FAST stations designated with a FAST sign. Local routes can be used to transfer riders to a FASTstation or in-between bus stops. Using this new service is easy and the fare is the same as SMART’s regular service,only $2.00 one-way. Transfers are only 25 cents.

Additional information about FAST routes and schedule can be found at

Serving residents since 1967, SMART is southeast Michigan’s only regional public transportation provider, offering convenient, reliable and safe transportation for Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties. SMART’s Fixed Route and small bus services connect people to employment and educational institutions, medical appointments and shopping centers. For routes and fare information, visit

SMART Service Changes

Know before you go . . .


Starting Monday, June 18th, the following routes are changing:




261 FAST Michigan

445 Woodward Telegraph Limited

465 Auburn Hills Limited

730 Ten Mile Crosstown



261 FAST Michigan

465 Auburn Hills Limited-F 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

730 Ten Mile Crosstown


Check out the new schedule look up at:


All customers should verify their new schedule for updated routes and times. New schedules and Service Bulletins can be viewed online. And don’t forget, you can rely on our Customer Service Representatives to answer any service questions!



Thank You for Riding SMART!


Regional & Regional Plus Passes Delay Updates


Due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control, there will be a delay on the July 2018 Regional & Regional Plus Passes in third-party retail outlets.  These passes are now available at the Royal Oak Transit Center and the Downtown Retail Office.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we hope to have these passes available by mid next week, the week of June 17-23. Please be sure to contact one of our retail centers before stopping in to ensure the pass will be available. You can reach us at 866.962.5515.
Learn more about where and how you can purchase passes online at:

Detroit Fireworks Detour Information

Detroit’s annual fireworks are happening Monday, June 25!


Downtown is going to be difficult to drive with the added foot traffic, detours, and even more people rushing to the city to see the show. You can avoid all of that and still get a great view of the fireworks by riding FAST. Check out the detours below so you know before you go and can plan for a safe and fun night out. 


In the spirit of the annual firework celebration, several local businesses have kindly lent their lots to act as temporary Park and Rides. For one night and one night only, you can park at any of the following locations  to catch the nearest FAST bus to get downtown for the show:


Route 261 – Dearborn Transit Center

Route 261 – Westborn Kroger

Route 261 – Dearborn Plaza Kroger

Route 461/462 – Troy Civic Center

Route 461/462 – 13 & Coolidge at the Golf Center 

Route 561/563 – Meijer Park & Ride

Route 561/563 – North River Park & Ride

Route 561/563 – Lowe’s at 15 and Gratiot. Please park in the area between Lowe’s lumber loading area and Revolution Laser Tag

Be sure to know before you go and familiarize yourself with the detours that will be followed the night of the fireworks: 

261 FAST Detroit Fireworks Detour 6 25 18

461 462 FAST Detroit Fireworks Detour 6 25 18

561 563 FAST Detroit Fireworks Detour 6 25 18

Please use the map below to fully plan your trip and how you will get to Hart Plaza from your stops.

Is Regional Transit Important to You?

The RTA will host several Community Meetings to educate and get feedback about public transit. If you are interested in attending a meeting please see the following schedule:


Special Accommodations:

If special accommodations are needed, please contact Virginia Licklitter at 313-402-1020 within 5 days of the meeting date. RTA can provide accommodations for those with limited English-speaking abilities, persons with disabilities, and persons, needing auxiliary aids, signers, readers, or large print.


If you can’t attend a meeting, you can find more information on the RTA Website and please be sure to take the transit survey.

SMART Service Changes

Know before you go!

SMART is focused on continuously growing and improving our services. To support this effort we have reviewed our current service and are making a few changes to keep things running smoothly – starting April 2, 2018! Modifications include time changes, route changes, and a new name. 

The real time arrival Bus Tracker on select SMART routes is now working and will display the real time arrival information for the routes that were modified on April 2. 

The map below shows the new stops available in the Downtown area. Be sure to double check your schedules based on your route at:
NEW Schedule Look Up

Riders will find TIME CHANGES on the following routes:

• 261 FAST Michigan
• 450/460 Woodward Local 
• 461/462 FAST Woodward
• 465 Auburn Hills Limited
• 561/563 FAST Gratiot
• 780 Fifteen Mile Crosstown

• 261 FAST Michigan
• 461/462 FAST Woodward
• 563 FAST Gratiot

Due to technical difficulties Route 849 Northland Loop Park and Ride signs will continue to read Route 851 Park and Ride on April 2nd.

• 849 Northland Loop*
*These trips were originally part of the 851 service change. The new 849 route name will eliminate confusion as to the final destination.

All customers should verify their new schedule for updated routes and times. Click on the link to see the New Schedules and Service Bulletins online. Don’t forget, you can rely on our Customer Service Representatives to answer questions or offer any additional information. Please call SMART Customer Service to talk to a representative at (866) 962-5515.

SMART Sponsors MI Earth Day Festival

SMART Bus is a Proud Sponsor of the MI Earth Day Fest, one of the planet's largest and liveliest Earth Day celebrations. 

There's tons for kids and families to see and do the Fri-Sun April 20-22 in the Rochester Municipal Park/City Center, including family-friendly entertainment, arts & crafts, activities, tiny house tour, a parade, prizes, Avengers movie stuff, straw bale climb, RARA Recreation Fun Run, kids exhibits, yummy food & snacks, art and solar contest awards, and much more. Admission is free and open to all ages. Check out the MI Green Team website for more information!

Driver Appreciation Day!

Public transit connects thousands of people to jobs, school and appointments every day, a service provided by our army of dedicated drivers. Everyday residents all over our region don’t have to worry about parking, road conditions, or the general stresses of driving, because our drivers handle it, and we want to thank them. Transit Driver Appreciation Day will be observed on March 16th this year and to thank the drivers for navigating particularly rough roads throughout the year, and especially this winter.   

Send your thoughts and thanks to your driver on Transit Driver Appreciation day, by picking up a Thank You card at one of the following locations:

Royal Oak Transit Center

Downtown Detroit Office

Online (options 1, 2, 3 or 4)

Thank you to the Detroit area Wendy’s for donating 500+ gift cards to make our driver’s day just a little more special. Public transit supports the local community and Detroit Area Wendy’s stepped up to support public transit by showing appreciation for the drivers.  To continue this circle of support for our community we’ve provided a link so you can find a nearby Wendy’s to visit, many via SMART routes.

Find a Detroit Area Wendy's near you!