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Driver Appreciation Day!

Public transit connects thousands of people to jobs, school and appointments every day, a service provided by our army of dedicated drivers. Everyday residents all over our region don’t have to worry about parking, road conditions, or the general stresses of driving, because our drivers handle it, and we want to thank them. Transit Driver Appreciation Day will be observed on March 16th this year and to thank the drivers for navigating particularly rough roads throughout the year, and especially this winter.   

Send your thoughts and thanks to your driver on Transit Driver Appreciation day, by picking up a Thank You card at one of the following locations:

Royal Oak Transit Center

Downtown Detroit Office

Online (options 1, 2, 3 or 4)

Thank you to the Detroit area Wendy’s for donating 500+ gift cards to make our driver’s day just a little more special. Public transit supports the local community and Detroit Area Wendy’s stepped up to support public transit by showing appreciation for the drivers.  To continue this circle of support for our community we’ve provided a link so you can find a nearby Wendy’s to visit, many via SMART routes.

Find a Detroit Area Wendy's near you!

Customer Appreciation Month

February 1st kicks off our 8th annual Customer Appreciation Month. During the ENTIRE month of February, when you purchase any SMART bus pass, we will be gifting you a surprise! Each customer is eligible to receive one complimentary gift, but keep in mind, this promotion excludes online orders. Visit one of the sites below to purchase your usual SMART bus pass and get your free gift (while supplies last).

Passes must be purchased at:
-Downtown Detroit Transit Center
535 Griswold Street
-Royal Oak Transit Center
202 Sherman Drive

Limit one gift per purchase. While supplies last. Online orders excluded.
(866) 962-5515 •

Ride FAST to the Auto Show!

The 2018 North American International Auto Show public showing is here and the all-new FAST service, powered by SMART, will help you get there! Any of our new FAST routes will connect you downtown during the days, nights, and weekends to ensure you can get to the Cobo Center at your convenience. 

You can find full schedules for any of our routes through our website and we’ve conveniently added the maps below.

See the Gratiot Map
See the Woodward Map
See the Michigan Map
See Downtown Map

Tickets can be purchased from the Auto Show website.

Holiday Service Changes

Fixed Route - New Year’s Day
• Fixed Route will operate a Sunday schedule
The following services will not operate:
• Connector
• Somerset Shuttle
• Oakland Mall Shuttle
• Farmington/Farmington Hills Dial-A-Ride
• Groesbeck Flex Route Service
Royal Oak and Downtown Transit Centers:
• Friday, December 29th thru Monday, January 1st

Observance of New Year’s Connector Routes will be as follows:
Monday, January 1 
The following services will not operate:
• Connector
• Somerset Shuttle
• Oakland Mall Shuttle
• Farmington/Farmington Hills Dial-A-Ride
• Groesbeck Flex Route Service
Customer Service will be OPEN January 1.
• Be sure to book/confirm your Connector trips by 4:00 p.m. Friday, December 29th for Tuesday, January 2nd
Prearranged ADA trips on New Year’s Day are based off a Sunday Fixed Route schedule. 

Visit or call Customer Service for additional details.

New Limited-Stop Service

NEW limited-stop service…It’s a game changer!

On January 1st, SMART will introduce a new level of bus service on Gratiot, Woodward and Michigan that will change the way you think about getting around town! We are adding a high frequency, limited-stop service that connects the suburbs to the city.  With service on weekdays, nights and weekends, getting to the places you live, work and play around the region are more easily reached.

What is limited-stop service? SMART’s limited-stop service means fewer stops spaced one mile or more. Riders may board and deboard at the identified limited-stop bus stations for a faster ride while maintaining access to key destinations and transfer points.  

The new limited-stop buses will also be easily recognized with a unique look. They are sleek and SMART, each is equipped with WiFi, with the same low fare as SMART’s regular fixed route service. 

What to Expect:
·         Higher frequency service provides more reliable, convenient bus service to the places you
          want to go and all the places in-between…Metro Airport, Dearborn, Pontiac, Somerset,
          Chesterfield Township and Mt. Clemens 
·         Operates weekdays, nights and weekends
·         Easily recognizable buses with their ‘own’ unique look – different from SMART’s current fleet
·         Equipped with FREE WiFi
·         Clearly identified limited-stop bus stations
·         Using the existing SMART network of routes transferring to nearby limited-stop bus stations
          is convenient and easy.
·         Same low $2.00 one-way fare.  Only 25 cents for a transfer.

·         New limited-stop buses will only stop at official limited-stop bus stations (signage will be
          at all official stops). If you need to get to an official stop, SMART and DDOT have many
          routes within each corridor you can transfer to or from.
·         For example, if you are traveling northbound on Woodward from 9 ½ Mile, Routes
          450 or 460 will connect you to the nearest limited-stop bus station at the Detroit Zoo.
·         Transfer costs 25 cents. 
Limited-stop service schedules 

Each limited-stop route map includes a list of all official bus stations for your convenience.


Gratiot limited-stop service runs from either Chesterfield (Route 563) or from North River Park and Ride (Route 561) to Downtown Detroit.  There are also trips from North River Park and Ride to Mid-town (Route 562).  The new Gratiot service mirrors the same stops as the Route 598/599, with additional stops at 10 Mile, 13 Mile, Metro Parkway, Hall Road, 22 and 23 Mile Roads.
View the Limited-Stop Gratiot Map  


Woodward limited-stop service runs from Pontiac (Route 461) or Troy (Route 462) to Midtown as well as Downtown Detroit. The new Woodward service mirrors the same stops as the Route 498, with additional stops at the Detroit Zoo, 12 Mile, 14 Mile, Troy Civic Center, St. Joseph Hospital and Phoenix Center. 
View the Limited-Stop Woodward Map


Michigan limited-stop service, for the first time, provides a direct connection from Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Downtown Detroit, seven days a week.  Both airport terminals, as well as the Dearborn Transit Center, are served with each trip. 
View the Limited-Stop Michigan Map


All the new limited-stop routes meet downtown with stops in the Central Business District and near the entertainment district.  Now you can to get close to the places you want to go and connect with the regions network of routes and other mobility options. 
View the Downtown Map

When using passes is additional fare required for Park & Ride trips?

If you are using a $0.50, $1.00, or a $2.00 31 Day Pass or a SMART/DDOT Regional Pass and Regional Plus Pass additional fare is require upon boarding for Park and Ride trips.  Between passes and cash, full fare riders, fare must equal $2.50.  If you are using a SMART/DDOT Regional Pass, an additional $1.00 is required upon boarding.  A SMART $2.50 31 Day Pass does not require an additional fare.

What is the difference between Fixed Route and Connector?

Fixed Route is the large bus that runs down major streets and picks up passengers at designated bus stops. Fixed Route hours of operation are 7 days a week, approximately 23 hours per day. Connector is the smaller bus that is curb-to-curb service with the primary focus on transporting older adults and persons with disabilities. The hours of operation for Connector bus are Monday through Friday from approximately 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

What is a transfer and how do I use it?

You can purchase a transfer from the bus driver when paying for your regular fare. A transfer is a paper document that allows passengers to transfer between SMART buses and connections from DDOT to SMART (and vice versa). SMART fareboxes issue three different transfers: full fare, senior/disabled and youth.

  • Full fare transfers allow passengers to transfer to a SMART bus within three (3) hours from the time the transfer is issued. Reverse riding on the route from which the transfer was originally issued is not permitted (Same route, different direction (SRDD) policy).
  • Senior/Disabled and Youth transfers allow passengers to transfer between SMART Fixed Route buses without limitation within three (3) hours from when the transfer is issued.

What is limited / express?

A limited / express bus does not service every bus stop along the route, only certain stops. Limited buses will pick-up or drop-off at stops with a LTD sign (approximately every half mile). Express buses will pick up along a designated route, then once it reaches the Detroit city limits, the bus expresses into downtown Detroit.

I work in an area where there is limited or no Fixed Route Service?

In some areas, SMART offers Shuttles to take you from the bus to the front door of your job. Some passengers in this situation bus and bike to their destination. All SMART Fixed Route Buses are equipped with bike racks.