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How do I get a transfer?

Full fare and youth transfers can be purchased for 25 cents from the farebox upon boarding. Transfers are free for seniors and people with disabilities.

How do I use the transfer?

For magnetic strip transfers – insert your transfer into the farebox when boarding the bus. It will be validated and returned. For paper transfers – hand the transfer to the coach operator and they will determine if it is still valid and return the transfer.

What if they don’t have the time I want?

Customer Service Representatives will attempt to get you a ride although it may not be the exact time you requested. You need to be flexible with your schedule.

What is MyConnector and How do I register?

MyConnector is an automated phone and internet system that allows you to create an account to access your personal Connector information every day, any time! It’s a quick and easy way to book, confirm and cancel rides on SMART Connector. Register for MyConnector.

What if I miss my bus or it doesn’t show up?

Call Customer Information and select Connector/Small Bus and listen for the prompt for Same Day Service/Cancellation. You will then be connected with the dispatcher.

How much does a Connector ride cost?

One way fare is $4.00 for the full fare/youth customers and $1.00 for senior/disabled customers.

Once I have a scheduled pick up time, when will the bus come?

When you schedule your ride, you will be given a 30 minute window. You must be ready at the time given. The bus only waits 3 minutes.

How do I schedule a ride?

To schedule your ride call (866) 962-5515, listen for the prompt for Connector; then Connector Reservations. Passengers may call up to 6 days in advance for medical trips and up to 2 days in advance for general trips.

How early should I have the bus pick me up?

If your destination is 15 minutes away from where you are, you should allow yourself at least 30 minutes for travel time on the bus. Other customers could be picked up or dropped off along the way to your destination. The longer the trip the more likely this will happen, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. When you schedule a ride SMART will provide you with a 30 minute pick-up window. Please be ready at the beginning of the window.

What is a Connector Service?

Connector Service is an advance reservation, curb-to-curb, service operated by SMART. When using Connector, you may travel anywhere within a 10 mile radius of a designated service area. Rides are available on a first come, first served basis and reservations are required. A six business day notice is recommended for medical appointments and a two business day notice for other destinations. SMART also provides service according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


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