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General FAQs

How are transfers honored between Park & Ride and the following? Is additional fare required?

  • Transferring from Park & Ride routes to... 

    • Fixed Route and Flexible Service / Dial-A-Ride - no additional fare is required. 
    • Connector Full Fare - An additional $1.50 will be required. 
    • Connector - Senior/Disabled - No additional fare required. 
    • Connector - Youth - An additional $3.00 will be required. 

  • Transferring from other SMART services to Park & Ride routes an additional fare will be needed to bring the total fare paid up to the Park & Ride fare.
    • Connector Full Fare - no additional fare required.
    • Connector Senior/Disabled - An additional $1.50 will be required. 
    • Regular Fixed Route – An additional 50 cents required. Must be paid in cash.

What is the policy for issuing or accepting doubled transfers?

The Dart regional passes allow for unlimited rides on SMART and DDOT, in any direction for the allotted time on the pass.  There are no additional fees for continued travel on SMART or DDOT.

Can I buy a transfer if I have a Dart Regional Pass?

With the new 4-hour, 24-hour, 7-day or 31-day Dart Regional passes allow for unlimited riders on both SMART and DDOT in any direction for the time allotted on the pass.  There are no additional fees for continued travel on SMART or DDOT.

What is a transfer and how do I use it?

Riders no longer need a transfer to connect between SMART buses or from DDOT to SMART.  The new 4-hour and 24-hour passes allow riders unlimited rides, in any direction, on both SMART and DDOT for the time allotted on the pass. These passes can be purchased on the bus, at SMART and DDOT Transit Centers or online.

When using passes is additional fare required for Park & Ride trips?

If you are using a SMART $0.50, $1.00, or a $2.00 31 Day Pass or a Dart Regional Pass additional fare of $0.50 is required upon boarding for Park and Ride trips.  The $0.50 upcharge must be paid using cash.  A SMART $2.50 31 Day Pass does not require an additional fare.

What is the difference between Fixed Route and Connector?

Fixed Route is the large bus that runs down major streets and picks up passengers at designated bus stops. Fixed Route hours of operation are 7 days a week, approximately 23 hours per day. Connector is the smaller bus that is curb-to-curb service with the primary focus on transporting older adults and persons with disabilities. The hours of operation for Connector bus are Monday through Friday from approximately 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

What is limited / express?

A limited / express bus does not service every bus stop along the route, only certain stops. Limited buses will pick-up or drop-off at stops with a LTD sign (approximately every half mile). Express buses will pick up along a designated route, then once it reaches the Detroit city limits, the bus expresses into downtown Detroit.

I work in an area where there is limited or no Fixed Route Service?

In some areas, SMART offers Shuttles to take you from the bus to the front door of your job. Some passengers in this situation bus and bike to their destination. All SMART Fixed Route Buses are equipped with bike racks.

Do you provide bus service to/from Metro Airport?

Yes.  Route 261 FAST Michigan Avenue provides direct service from both the North and McNamara terminals at Detroit Metropolitan Airport to downtown Detroit, 7 days a week.  Routes 125 (Fort Street) and Route 280 (Middlebelt South) also provide service to/from the airport.  For a listing of pick-up times and stops, click on the schedules tab.

What is a Fixed Route bus service?

SMART's Fixed Route Service is large bus service with specific numbered routes that remain intact. The routes have scheduled times that are also fixed for pick-up and drop-off along designated routes.


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