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General FAQs

How are transfers from SMART Fixed Route to SMART Connector honored? Is additional fare required?

Transfers from SMART Fixed Route onto the Flex Route, Shuttle or Dial-A-Ride service requires no additional fare. Transfers from Fixed Route can be used for only one trip on Connector. When boarding, the Connector operator will mark the transfer to indicate that one Connector trip has been taken. Additional fare may be required. Full fare customers transferring from Fixed Route onto Connector must pay an additional $2.00 for their trip.

Are transfers allowed between Fixed Route & Community Partnership programs?


If a Transfer unit malfunctions and will not produce a transfer, will a paper transfer be issued?

Yes. A paper transfer can be issued and will be accepted on SMART buses. Paper transfers are treated the same as a magnetic transfer.

Can I use other transit system’s transfers on SMART buses?

SMART accepts transfers from DDOT, MTA and Blue Water Transit.

Can I use SMART’s transfer on other metro area systems?

DDOT: Accepts SMART transfers for one ride. For travel beyond one route you can purchase an additional transfer for 25 cents.
MTA: Accepts SMART transfers only in Auburn Hills for one ride only.
Port Huron: Blue Water: Blue Water accepts SMART transfers for up to two rides.

Can transfers be used to travel in the reverse direction?

Full fare transfers can not be used in the reverse direction on the original route from which the transfer was issued. Senior/Disabled and Youth transfers do allow passengers to travel in the reverse direction within three (3) hours from when the transfer is issued.

Can transfers be used for continued travel in the same direction on the same route?

Yes. Transfers can be used for continued travel in the same direction on SMART Fixed Route buses within the three-hour window.

How long are transfers valid?

SMART fareboxes issue three different transfers: full fare, senior/disabled and youth. Full fare transfers allow passengers to transfer to SMART bus within three (3) hours from the time the transfer is issued. Reverse riding on the route from which the transfer was originally issued is not permitted. (Same route, different direction (SRDD) policy).

Senior/Disabled and Youth transfers allow passengers to transfer between SMART Fixed Route buses without limitation within three (3) hours from when the transfer is issued.

How do I get a transfer?

Full fare and youth transfers can be purchased for 25 cents from the farebox upon boarding. Transfers are free for seniors and people with disabilities.

How do I use the transfer?

For magnetic strip transfers – insert your transfer into the farebox when boarding the bus. It will be validated and returned. For paper transfers – hand the transfer to the coach operator and they will determine if it is still valid and return the transfer.