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Who can sign official documents?

SMART departments and personnel therein are not authorized to sign contracts or to make purchases on behalf of SMART. As delegated under the authority of the Board of Directors, signing authority is reserved for the General Manager or the Deputy General Manager, but consistent with federal regulation, is the primary responsibility of the Contracting Officer (CO). The CO may delegate limited signing authority to persons designated as Contracting Officer Designees (COD). At SMART, the Contracting Officer is the Manager of Procurement. Contracting Officer Designees are the Purchasing Agents (see Department Directory) and their signing authority is limited to purchases in the amount of $25,000 or less.

How does a vendor get paid?

SMART requires a three-way match in order to make payment for goods or services rendered on behalf of SMART.  The term three-way match refers to three separate documents and that the pertinent information on each document must be the same on each document.  The first document is a purchase order (PO).  A PO can only be issued by the Procurement Department.  The second is an invoice.  This document is produced and submitted by the vendor providing the goods or performing the services as specified in the PO.  The third document is a receiver.  The individual at SMART who accepts responsibility for receipt of the goods, or in the case of services, satisfactory completion, provides the receiver.  The pertinent information that must match on the documents is:  description, quantity, unit cost and extended cost, although cost information does not necessarily have to be present on the receiver.


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