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Can SMART connect me to other transportation services?

SMART has the ability to connect to other transportation services in Michigan.  SMART currently connects to Flint - MTA, Port Huron - Blue Water, and Detroit - DDOT.

Where can I find information about route changes?

Information can be found on the home page under Service Bulletins on the right hand side of the page. You can also find information under the About tab and then click on Service Bulletins. Sign up with MySMART and have route updates sent directly to your e-mail.

I left something on the bus. Do you have a Lost and Found?

If you forgot something on the bus please call Customer Service as soon as possible.  Please provide the operator with a description of the item, what bus you were on, and what time you were on the bus.

How are transfer points chosen?

Transfer points are chosen based on written permission of the property owner.  These points are typically open extended hours, well lit, protected from weather elements, highly visible, and wheelchair accessible.

How many packages / bags may I bring on the bus?

You many only bring as many items as you are able to carry or secure to your wheelchair/scooter.  Items that you are unable to hang onto during transport may become dangerous to your fellow passengers.

How are purchases authorized?

Purchases under $3,000 (except construction where the limit is $2,000) may be authorized using a procurement card.  All other purchases may only be authorized by a purchase order (PO) or a duly executed contract (who can sign official documents).  Any goods delivered or services rendered inconsistent with these requirements will be considered a gift to SMART and payment will not be made.

How do I get on the bid list?

SMART Purchasing Agents utilize the Michigan Intergovernmental Trade Network (MITN) Bid Net system and Michigan Chronicle for all of its Procurement solicitation activities.  If the Solicitation or Bid falls within the criteria specified in State Law PA 204 of 1967 and requires advertising, the inquiring vendors will be requested to register with the MITN Bid Net for further consideration.  You can register as a vendor on the MITN Bid Net system by selecting How to Become a Vendor from the menu.  If the contract requires a DBE or small business, vendors can consult the MUCP for approved vendors.

How many bids may I make at once?

You may only make one bid on a particular request/solicitation.  You may submit an alternate bid (or multiple alternates) but only if you submit a bid directly responsive to the request/solicitation as issued.

What is the difference between a quote, a bid and a proposal?

The term bid is frequently used to refer to all competitive purchasing activity.  SMART uses several types of procurement methods in order to get the best quality and most cost effective products and services.  They are as follows:

Invitation for Bid (IFB)

  • Refers to a sealed bid for purchases in excess of $50,000
  • Specifications are detailed and specific
  • Award is based solely on cost
  • No discussions with the bidders

Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • For purchases in excess of $50,000
  • Specifications or statement of work is not specific or detailed
  • Award is based on cost and other factors
  • Discussion with proposers is not only likely but necessary

Request for Quote (RFQ)

  • The quote method is issued for purchases of $50,000 or less

Informal Quote (IQT)

  • SMART calls three vendors for over the phone quotes
  • Award is based solely on cost
  • The quote method is issued for purchases of $15,000 or less

Am I required to bid every time a bid is requested?

No.  It is not necessary to make a bid every time. Just when you feel your company can meet the proposed requirements.


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