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Being able to access one of SMART’s 47 Fixed Routes or taking a trip on SMART’s Connector Service has never been easier. With over 5,000 bus stops and several park and ride lots, customers can walk or drive to one of our routes.

All of SMART’s buses are equipped with lifts or ramps to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters, as well as for those using canes and walkers. All of SMART’s bus stops with a shelter are considered ADA and wheelchair accessible.

ADA Door-to-Door Service

Once approved by the ADA Coordinator, ADA certified individuals on an ADA booked trip, can request door-to-door service. To help keep our buses on time, please request door-to-door service when you book your trip.

Wheelchair Policy

All SMART buses are designed to accommodate wheelchairs as well as other mobility devices. Wheelchairs or scooters must be sized no greater than 30" x 48" and the combined weight of wheelchair and occupant cannot exceed 600 pounds.

Passengers must be able to independently board the bus. Once you are on the vehicle, position yourself into one of the two spaces allocated for wheelchairs. Position your wheelchair/scooter so you face the front of the vehicle. The driver will lock you into position with the Q’Straint™ Safety system. In the case where a passenger cannot use the lap belt for medical or reasons otherwise, exceptions may be made with a passenger request at the driver's discretion.

Hailing Mitts

SMART has Hailing Mitts to help people with disabilities flag down Fixed Route buses. Passengers with a disability may call customer service to request a mitt.

Priority Seating

Priority Seating is for older adults and people with disabilities. Please let older adults and people with disabilities sit in the priority seating located in the front of the bus.

Service Animals

SMART welcomes service animals to ride along with us. This includes animals-in-training accompanied by a trainer or people with a disability. Please make sure animals are on a leash and are in safe location (out of the aisle) during transit.

Hearing Impaired Telephone Relay

For the deaf, hard of hearing and speech loss individuals who use a text telephone, or TTY, as a communications device AT&T provides traditional relay services in the state of Michigan. Services offered include TTY, Voice Carry-Over (VCO), Hearing Carry-Over (HCO), Speech-to-Speech (STS), and Spanish-to-Spanish relay. Dial 711 to use AT&T Relay in the State of Michigan.

Alternative Formats

All SMART schedules and SMART public documents such as brochures, flyers, and other general public information are available in alternate formats including Braille, Audio Cassette or CD, and 14 point Large Print. Requests for the above may be made by calling Customer Service. 

Translation of Materials

The following vital documents will be translated and made available upon request for language groups meeting the Safe Harbor Provision.  These documents include:

  • Title VI Notices
    • Complaint Forms
  • Reduced Fare Application
  • ADA Paratransit Application
    • ADA Eligibility Letter
    • ADA Complaint Forms
    • Appeals Letters
  • Service Bulletins