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Transfers are when more than one bus is needed to reach a destination.

SMART issues transfers for both Fixed Route and Connector, each with its own requirements. See a list of transfer fares.

Full fare transfers allow customers to change SMART buses within three (3) hours from the time the transfer is issued. Reverse riding on the route from which the transfer was issued is not permitted.

Older Adult, People with Disabilities and Youth Transfers allow you to transfer between SMART buses without limitation within three (3) hours from when the transfer is issued.

SMART also has transfer agreements with:

SMART transfers are not issued to holders of SMART/DDOT Regional Passes or SMART 31 Day Passes.

DDOT Transfer Policy

SMART accepts a valid DDOT transfer plus an additional 50¢ for each ride. (A valid DDOT transfer is good for a total of two rides within four hours from the time it was issued.)

  • The additional 50¢ for a DDOT transfer fare must be paid in cash only.
  • SMART tickets, Value Passes and change cards may not be used to pay the additional 50¢ transfer fare.
  • To continue on SMART, a SMART transfer may be purchased for an additional 25¢.
  • DDOT transfers will be returned to customers. Each time a DDOT transfer is used on SMART, an additional 50¢ will be required.

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