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Using Connector Service

Reservation Requirements

  • Medical trips - up to six business days in advance
  • General rides for shopping, school or work - up to two business days in advance
  • Trips are scheduled based on a first come, first served basis
    • All reservations must be received by 4 p.m. one day before service is needed
    • At the time of your reservation, you will be given a 30 minute pick-up window
    • Please be ready for the bus at the beginning of your pick up window
    • In order to stay on-time, drivers can only wait three (3) minutes

Booking Your Trip

SMART has three ways for customers to book Connector Trips

  1. Customer Service - Talk to a representative who will walk you through the trip making process
    1. Calling Customer Service at (866) 962-5515  
    2. Press 1 for Connector 
    3. Press 1 again for Reservations
  2. Book your trip online via MyConnector - Day or night; whether you need to reserve a ride, cancel or confirm your trip, MyConnector is available.
    1. Once Registered* you can book your reservation online through MyConnector 
    2. All trips booked on MyConnector must be scheduled by 4 p.m. the day before service is needed       
  3. Automated Phone System
    1. Coming Soon! Customers can book their trip on the automated phone system when it is convenient for you! Day, evening, or night!

When booking your trip, please have the following information ready:

  • Date of the trip
  • Appointment time and return pick up time
  • Pick-up and destination addresses and facility name
  • Major intersection near the pick up and destination points
  • Your telephone number     
  • Number of passengers traveling
  • Use of mobility aids, such as a wheelchair, walker, or service animals

If Your Plans Change

Please call Customer Service as soon as possible to cancel and re-schedule your trip. To accommodate as many customers as possible, it is important for you to inform SMART when your situation has changed and you can no longer take your scheduled trip.

To cancel your trip, call Customer Service at (866) 962-5515.

  1. For cancellation before the day of service
    1. Press 1 for Connector
    2. Press 1 for reservations
  2. For same day cancellations
    1. Press 1 for Connector
    2. Press 3 Same day cancellations
    3. Select county

Excessive ‘no shows’ (people who are not at the pick-up point on-time) or late cancellations will lead to probationary status or possible loss of service.

No Show/Cancellation Policy

Non-emergency cancellations of more than 10% of booked trips in a 30-day period may result in probationary status and/or temporary suspension of service. Please review the ridership guidelines for details.

Reduced Fares

Reduced fares are available for senior citizens and disabled customers. An application is required before a reduced fare card can be issued. For reduced fare qualifications and application, click here.

Group Trips

Want to reserve a bus for a group of five or more passengers? Ask the Customer Service Representative about group trips (reservations depend on availability).

*To use the MyConnector online system, you must first register and create an account. Up to 5 business days are required to process account information. Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email to access your account and schedule your trips when it is convenient for you.